Give Away Week: It’s Fan-Stag-Tic!

As you all know, all of this week, we’re sharing our Christmas gifts to you. It’s our little way of saying thank you to all of you for stopping by and following our house restoration adventures throughout the year.

Up till now we’ve shared our Dutch inspired tea light houses, our 2014 Calendar printable and our Christmas gift tags with you. Today we’re sharing the newest member of our family – Stanley the Stag.

Free Cardboard Stag Printable

I’ve wanted a faux taxidermy stag head for such a long time, but as it’s a bit of fashion, I wasn’t prepared to pay the – sometimes quite hefty – price tag that went with the ones I liked. It was also pretty much impossible to find one in the size that we wanted. So, being a tight-arse as usual, I DIYed my own and of course we’re sharing how we made him, including the template, which you can download here: StanleyTheStag.

This is how we made him:

Start by printing the template. We wanted our stag to be fairly large (actually larger than he turned out, but I miscalculated – Ups!) so we used Block Posters to scale it up to the size we wanted. After printing and cutting out each template, transfer them onto some cardboard.

Free Cardboard Stag Printable

Then cut out each piece. You will need one of each head piece and two of the side on view piece. The notches are slightly more complicated. We’ve marked the exact position and height on the template, but the thickness you have to cut will depend on the thickness of the cardboard you are using. Basically each notch has to be as wide as the thickness of the card.

Free Cardboard Stag Printable


Then all that’s left to do is slot everything together. To make things easier, we’ve colour coordinated (and numbered) each layer of the head with the corresponding slot in the side view piece.

Free Cardboard Stag Printable

This is by far the easiest and most satisfying part of the project, as you can really see Stanley the Stag come to life within minutes. For extra stability, we glued the back three mount parts together – everything else is just slotted together.

Free Cardboard Stag Printable

Now, we’re really planned on having him over our new wood burning stove in the dining room, but he’s too small! I guess we’ll just have to make another one. Until then, and just for fun, we’ve mounted him on our living room door.

Free Cardboard Stag Printable

I have to admit, that even if he’s not the size we’d wanted him to be, we love him! And best of all, he was completely free!

Do you love cardboard taxidermy as much as we do? If you use our template, we’d love to know how you get on!

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  1. says

    I love this! And I love that you did it yourself. Especially when very similar versions going on Amazon for £20+ You’ve got such a get-up-and-go attitude which I really admire. I’m much more a wallow-in-self-pity kinda gal haha! xx

    • says

      Thanks Karen! He was really easy to make and you know that in blogland things usually appear slightly more cheerful than they are in real life ;)

  2. says

    This is really great. I like the way you recycled it out of a box. It’s just way cooler than a pristine laser-cut store bought one. Well done. -Caitlin

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